Prototype Specialist

Prototype Specialist

Summary: The Prototype Specialist assists the Mechanical Engineer and Operations Manager with the creation and assembly of prototypes (plastic parts and electronics). He/she will also set up files for 3D printing for optimal results. Hands-on and attention to the detail are a must as the prototype specialist will be working on creating one-off models, using silicone molds and clay. Post-processing activities, such as sanding, ultrasonic cleaning, painting, etc. are necessary. CAD drafting skills a plus.

Type: Full-Time

Rate: $16/hr

Schedule: Monday through Friday (regular business hours)

Location: 801 E Hibiscus Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prototype Specialist
    • Operate the 3D Printing machines (SLA & FDM)
    • Make modifications to the 3D file in order to ensure best 3D printing results
    • Correctly estimate material needed for each prototype production run
    • Oversee 3D printing production and manage supply levels, ordering and stocking supplies in advance in order to avoid any delays in production.
    • Post process all prototypes using ultrasonic cleaning, chemical baths, polishing, sanding, and painting prototypes to ensure high-fidelity, high-quality finishes.
    • Create RTV silicone molds.
    • Use hand tools to assemble prototypes (plastics and circuit boards)
    • Performs design validation testing of prototypes, proposing design modifications to guarantee manufacturing efficiency and compliance with technical specifications.
    • Specify tolerances, materials and post processing treatments for prototypes.
    • Communicate with client directly or indirectly about project-related items, submitting updates on projects.
    • Ensure prototype production is up to date on status of project and deadlines are being met.


  • Craft building, such as woodworking, prototyping, papercraft, etc.
  • Clay modeling working knowledge
  • Building prototype molds for use with resin
  • Resin pouring and curing
  • Good at translating images and words into physical objects
  • High level of accuracy and attention to details
  • 3D Printing experience
  • Ability to manage time efficiently, to work both independently and in a team setting
  • High level of proficiency of Google Products such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Calendar (equivalent to Microsoft’s Excel, Word, PPT, and Outlook)


  • Must have great hands-on modeling experience
  • Candidate has to be eager to learn new concepts, tools, and software
  • At least 3 years of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified and 5 years of exposure to arts, crafts, engineering, or other “hands-on” activities
  • Knowledge of 3D modeling software (AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc) a plus
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Punctuality and great work ethic
  • Knowledge of Injection Molding a plus
  • Familiarity with the Manufacturing and/or Electronics industries a plus

Working Environment

Moderate physical activity in an office environment. Requires sitting on a chair operating on a computer, as well as operating 3D printing and working on a prototyping environment. Work environment involves minimal exposure to physical risks in a standard prototype-like environment. PPE (personal protective equipment) is required with all prototype activities.


Reports to: COO

Works closely with: COO, Engineers, Sourcing Specialists

Occasionally interacts with: Manufacturing personnel

Performance Metrics

Position’s performance is based on:

  1. Quality and accuracy of delivered prototypes
  2. Quality of 3D models
  3. Ability to meet deadlines

This job description was lastly revised on September 27, 2018

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